by Vibhu Bhan

Learning though a text analysis of tweets connected to the pandemic.

About This Study

talkAItive monitored the chatter across Twitter from March 18 - April 29 to gather social and emotional perspectives around COVID-19.

Using proprietary AI algorithms, it evaluated various topics related to quarantine life, behaviour changes at home and outside, schools being closed and others to detect critical issues backed by emotional and NLP based metrics generated by talkAItive's engine.

Food, and delivery, in particular, stood out. The general topic of 'delivery' accounts for roughly 30% of the total volumes we analyzed accompanied by very strong positive and negative sentiments on a sustained basis. talkAItive detected these activities in near real-time as deaths spiked and lockdowns intensified.

talkAItive Are Experts In Applied NLP

We can provide the same rapid and detailed read of sentiment and emotion for any topic that interests you. Understand what's happening NOW versus waiting for a topical autopsy after the fact. Knowing what people are feeling right now will give your business the edge in changing times.

Artificial Intelligence adoption is steadily growing, and an increasing number of large organizations are upgrading their analytics departments to put the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to work.

With three years of robust R&D, talkAItive’s systems are advanced enough to deliver reliable, actionable business intelligence.

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