Travel & Hospitality

by Vibhu Bhan

Chatter Intelligence for Travel & Hospitality

Save as much as 30% on your ad spend with talkAItive’s AI-generated keywords.

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The Problem

Our client, a Maldives-based travel broker, needed to generate more online inquiries from North American and European travellers.

They partnered with talkAItive to analyze online chatter for over 100 Maldivian resorts and to provide actionable insights on where and how they should focus their digital marketing strategy and ad spend.

The Insights

By tracking the chatter produced by travellers to the Maldives, talkAItive was able to map high levels of positive chatter onto specific aspects of their experiences. For example, the categories that usually generated the most user chatter were: Resort & Service, Beach & Villas, and Restaurants & Food (visualized below).

Moreover, by developing a demographic profile for each user contributing to the chatter, talkAItive was able to generate a list of associated interests, behaviours, and keywords to target specific communities on Google Ads.


Based on the audience insights generated by talkAItive, our team was able to propose alternative keywords to the client’s existing set to target leads in their Google Ads campaigns.

The result was comparable clickthrough rates to the original keywords set but at a much lower cost; up to 30% lower. Also, ads using our AI-recommended keywords were more likely to be displayed in searches compared to ads simply using popular keywords.

Based on this success, we are currently in the process of expanding this program across the Maldives, starting with the island country’s Tourism Authority.

Another recommendation we generated was to use specific chatter insights to inform creative direction on future ad campaigns. Knowing that specific experience, like snorkelling, has a high correlation to positive emotion provides a rationale for an advertising campaign featuring this activity. Our theory is that optimizing ad creative around your most positively charged experiences will yield more stickiness to an audience and improve campaign engagement.