User Experience Based Emotional Contexts Of Top Crypto Apps

by Vibhu Bhan

Fintech companies have created differentiators by moving fast and being nimble, launching across geographies but face a number of issues and challenges, from competitive issues to owning your space and regulatory among others.


Digital commerce is changing the nature of touch-point with customers and requires sophisticated feedback analysis, however the popular survey method proves ineffective, the customers don't fill forms and getting forms into the right hands is opaque, which causes loss of referrals. We show a better way to collect feedback, build and manage reputation, and gather insights into the customer experience for these fintech companies.

Gathering Feedback

We find that modern methods lower the friction for customers to respond which otherwise is much higher with cold calling or survey form filling. Using twitter, facebook/instagram, google reviews and a myriad of review sites, along with your website offer inexpensive ways to gather this feedback.

Ask us how easy it is to enable a facebook or hubspot bot on your website dedicated to collecting feedback as free text.

Take Guesswork Out Of Customer Experience

This is how we help you stay on top. With highly customized analysis by store location, channel and more, you now have the voice of customer insights for management reports. On both a store or brand level, you can see how you are performing. You can even enter a search term and learn the distribution of emotion related to the term. In the illustration you see distribution of emotional contexts related to the search term “cost”.

Use our insights to identify any opportunities for growth, development, or training. Insights also help you identify the sought after features from your users E.g. Bank Link example in the illustration. For the negative experience, now you are able address these issues at root cause level, as reported by your fans and critics. Being able to turn any detractors into promoters is essential.

Analyze competition By Emotions

Using the Compare feature you understand where your brand ranks in the industry, now you can leverage these competitive insights to stay ahead of your competition. Natural language contexts are shown in the illustration and highlights the contrast in positive emotion across the three apps how their user base identifies persona details. You receive insights which reveal your relative competitive advantage or gaps in mentioned areas and more.

The talkAItive Difference

Learning language by words is not enough. Usage based learning of feedback is what we specialize in and are excited to help brands use the last 4 years of R&D to help them build meaningful relationships with their customers and communities. We help with your digital transition by implementing an end to end next generation feedback collection and analysis, using tools and data already available to you!