Manage Perceptions Through Reviews Online

by Vibhu Bhan

Lots of websites proudly showcase the reviews on their website with four to five stars based overall rating across all the reviews being displayed. The expectation is that users will read the fantastic reviews and nothing will stop them from completing the sale. How can this experience be enhanced?


Getting honest customer feedback can be like pulling teeth for any business. But, reviews are effective in building and maintaining public perceptions related to your product. This engagement on your social channels is quickly replacing the cold and cookie-cutter touchpoint mechanisms of today e.g. Cold calling or survey forms distribution.

The hardest aspect of collecting customer feedback is accepting the criticism. Our observations based on processing reviews over the last four years is that negative feedback is rich with new innovations and improvements which can be adopted. This adoption gives you relevant reasons to respond effectively and a foundation upon which you can build genuine relationships.

So what does a business need to do now that you have these new channels and methods of communicating with your customers?

Get Feedback Online

We believe that your new digital reality deserves brand new feedback and customer feedback management. First you need a continuous flow of chatter from a myriad of free online channels available to e-commerce operators e.g. twitter handle, Facebook or website based chat bots, users posting experiences on social media and tagging your brand are some of the ways of generating user content in an inexpensive manner.

The key methods to obtain customer feedback, ranked in order of effectiveness:

Social Media: A great way to engage and communicate with customers. Business pages and posting content is free and coupled with talkAItive’s emotional contexts, you can come up with fresh ideas to post more frequently. You can post your top customer positive experiences - every week along with gaps you are currently working to close. Over time you will build meaningful relationships based on this feedback loop.

Hubspot/Facebook Bots: Already available on your Facebook or Hubspot account, these options help you promote active feedback behaviour with your customers. If your customers know that you are paying attention, they will naturally adopt leaving feedback for you at identified spots. Your website is an ideal location to activate this feedback harvesting bot - Ask us or interact with the bot on our website at

Review Sites: There are well established review sites and you can encourage your customers to leave reviews there. Another free activity you can promote on your social business page and website. Google reviews is another great channel you can build for free, maybe your customers are already leaving reviews there. Talk to us and we can give you a free estimate of available reviews.

Emails/Survey Forms/Phone Calls: When was the last time you enjoyed a cold call or responded to email based survey blasts. No doubt, your existing customers are the best resource to get honest customer feedback. However, calling out the blue with specific questions puts your customer on the spot, not a great feeling. The methods described above differ because they allow you to build transparent and consistent feedback gathering based on what your customers want to talk about, naturally.

Processing Feedback

Even if brands are successfully getting their users to engage on social media and other online channels, all this chatter still needs to be processed to extract details which reveal the emotional underpinnings of sentiment, the contrast of emotional attachment from your competitors and use emotional contexts as keywords for a more optimized ad spend.

Rank By Category

You need a tool malleable enough to learn what is important to you. For the mobile payment apps theme, our client defined specific categories which were of importance and related to actionable downstream campaigns E.g. experience and customer service, security and login, money transfer and payments. These are the first steps towards building that emotional context map related to your brand. Our client in this case also got ranking of their brand vs competitors across user-defined categories.

Analyze Competition By Emotions

Using the Compare feature you understand where your brand ranks in the industry, now you can leverage these competitive insights to stay ahead of your competition. For mobile payment app this comparative view helped our client identify that the “customer service/response” category was the worst performing across all the competitors evaluated. However, the contrast was observed in “Payments and Transfers'' related category. Our client fared better than the competition but saw contexts “in the last couple of months'' and similar emerging as negative feedback under this category. This was a high value early warning sign that was acted upon.

Enable Empathy Analytics

You are already showing reviews on your website, sometimes even dedicate a full page to that. Why not make that a better experience for your customers. You can help them find reviews based on emotional contexts, which you want to associate and promote for your brand. You can show rank of features using the emotional intensity as measure which talkAItive is adept at identifying and measuring.

The talkAItive Difference

Learning language by words is not enough. Usage based learning of feedback is what we specialize in and are excited to help brands use the last 4 years of R&D to help them build meaningful relationships with their customers and communities. We believe that these analytics should be part of the management review to assess brand health and customer loyalty. talkAItive’s team will help you craft the right metrics across categories which matter because chatter matters!