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talkAItive empowers companies to easily measure engagement & sentiment scores across socials, transcripts or chat channels.

Our patented solution builds and strengthens social media connections for creators, marketing agencies, retailers, pharmaceuticals, automotive manufacturers, franchises, law enforcement, political campaigns.

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Below are some quick reads on how we apply sentiment and engagement to drive growth.

Net Sentiment Score vs. Engagement Rate: Which Matters More in Influencer Marketing?

September 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing, marketing executives are faced with a critical decision: where should they allocate their resources and focus their efforts? Should they prioritize influencers with high net sentiment scores, or is it the engagement rate that truly drives results? In this article, we'll dissect these two essential metrics and help you navigate the influencer marketing terrain with confidence.

Quick Guide to Leveraging Creators Net Sentiment Score for Comic Book Success

September 2023

The world of comic books has transcended the pages and panels to reach a global audience through social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Comic book executives are increasingly turning to these platforms to collaborate with creators, leveraging key metrics and net sentiment scores (NSS) to unlock new dimensions of success.

Measuring Influencer ROI with Net Sentiment Score and Engagement Rate

September 2023

Influencer or Creator collaborations have become a cornerstone of marketing strategies. But how can brands ensure that their investments in influencer marketing are paying off? The answer lies in the strategic measurement of ROI using net sentiment score (NSS) and engagement rate.

Leveraging Net Sentiment Score: Safeguarding Celebrity Reputations in the Age of Social Media

August 2023

Discover how celebrities can conquer the social media storm with net sentiment scores. Learn how engagement rates and sentiment analysis help them counter negativity and shape a positive digital reputation, with a fictional case study illustrating their strategic prowess.

Challenges Creators Face on YouTube: Navigating Audience Engagement

Aug 2023

In this blog post, we'll delve into three key challenges that YouTube creators often encounter in terms of tracking and engaging their communities, and how emerging technologies like new text generation and deep learning AI systems are poised to offer solutions. We'll also explore the significance of net sentiment score and engagement rate in fostering growth, using real examples to illustrate their impact.

Navigating New Horizons: Unveiling Success Through Sentiment Analysis for an Aspiring YouTuber

August 2023

In Navigating New Horizons, we follow YouTuber Lily Roberts as she grapples with the challenges of maintaining content quality and leveraging audience preferences. Under the weight of rising expectations, Lily employs the Net Sentiment Score and Engagement Rate to decode her viewers' sentiments and craft engaging content.

Challenges Brands Face in Matching Creator Values

August 2023

Explore the challenges brands encounter when aligning with creators who match their values. Learn the best practices for evaluation, AI's role in understanding audience preferences, and the benefits of tracking Net Sentiment Score and Engagement Rate. Elevate your brand collaborations today!

Unveiling The Power Of Net Sentiment Score

August 2023

talkAItive is a company that specializes in geo-spatial sentiment analysis. We use patented, cutting-edge technology to map sentiment data to specific locations. Our approach helps companies to better understand the views genuinely expressed by their users, and then interact with all of them or select segments, to drive changes in opinion or purchasing behaviors.

Battle For Reputation - Unraveling The Web Of Deceit

Aug 2023

EarthCrafted battles false packaging waste claims gone viral. Armed with sentiment tracking, they tackle narratives on child labor, cancer fears, and plastic waste. Tailored responses dispel myths, boosting sentiment and engagement. Precise targeting saves the brand's reputation, showcasing the power of real-time monitoring.
Contextual Sentiment Analysis

Active Social & Email Communities

Automate adding new followers or send direct message to those who are sentimental about what your brand cares about.

Multiple Use Cases And Applications

As an alternative to current "Spray And Pray" messaging, we will strengthen your engagements to be timely and effective for key sentimental communities of interest.

We will deliver positively charged messaging to maintain favourable sentiment across your followers, spread awareness of a new launch or change or invite them to the next sponsored event.

Lower your digital marketing costs to acquire new users or build loyal following.

Clients can discover, evaluate, recruit, and track creator's current/historical campaigns. Partner with creators who have the right level of posting frequency, follower count, engagement rate and sentiment.

Marketing agencies can complement their suite of services with the ability to measure sentiment around a brand, product or marketing campaign. Empowers you to identify low sentiment that agencies can address with campaigns and help substantiate post campaign ROI.

Executives can benefit by gaining insights about what products and features are liked/disliked and gaps to competitors, including geo specific signals where available.

Political Campaigns

Deliver positively charged messaging to influence voters in favour of your candidate, make voters aware of nuanced policy positions or invite them to the next rally.

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Understand Sentimental Reasons

talkAItive's Process

talkAItive's patented sentiment analysis capabilities examine and leverage time value of knowledge (TVoK), a score that is generated by a proprietary language understanding engine which we call Net Sentiment Score (NSS).

1. Gather Data

Extract data from your preferred social media platforms, news sites, web forums, and review websites.

2. Analyze Data

Use natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to identify the sentiments related to your topics

3. Take Action

Engage with communities or individual users to accentuate the positive sentiment and mitigate negative sentiment with selective, targeted messaging.

4. Measure Impact

Conduct comparative before and after scenarios to assess changes in sentiment.

5. Refine and Repeat

Determine if follow-up or ongoing campaigns are warranted. Continuously engage with attitudes and users behind the sentiment.

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Future of “Relationship” is based on sentiments and shared values. Don’t just spray and pray. Be precise about who and why you engage online.

talkAItive Patent

talkAItive's (7204833 Canada Inc.) patented technology empowers our clients to discover creators, track their brand voice and product feedback.

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