Equity Analysis

by Vibhu Bhan

Barrick Gold’s Qualitative Performance

talkAItive learns about stocks

May - November 2020

Twitter & Articles Data

Sample qualitative analysis includes chatter from May to November 2020 related to Barrick Gold from twitter and published reports like Human Rights Watch and BSR through GDELT data stream.

This analysis demonstrates talkAItive’s feature to give institutional investors ESG data and flagged contexts that are comparable across a broad universe of publicly traded equities.

A full analysis offers insights into a company’s involvement in notable environmental, social and governance narrative (e.g. lawsuits, disputes, regulatory actions) related to the company’s operations and/or products, potential breaches of international norms and principles.

Let’s chat if you have a need to continuously monitor chatter across social and internally collected chatter and see a stream of contexts which relate to ESG categories E.g. Pollution, Stakeholder Opposition, Customer Satisfaction.

Analysis Parameters

  • We collected 5000 data points for this study
  • The reports added the specific data related to ESG metrics, specifically Stakeholder Opposition
  • Stakeholder Opposition relates to government, political and human rights narrative
  • We used the definition of ESG metrics from research published in Europe and USA and converts to priors for guided learning and custom classification of text
  • High level concepts of government, political and human rights are starting points for talkAItive to extrapolate a language graph of other similar contexts in the data