Crisis Management

by Vibhu Bhan

A comparison on Fox News was drawn to show the relationship between the death of black person making the news and a stock market rally.

Data Source

Search Terms:
susanlitv, fox news AND black lives, racist


Total Data Collected:
5,500 tweets

Sentiment and Emotional Analysis

As expected there is a huge amount of negativity surrounding the comments made by the anchor. With the comments made in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death and at the height of the BLM movement during the summer of 2020 this may have increased traction on those comments.

There is a small section of support here coming with 10% of the tweets produced at the time. These came from accounts associated with supporting Fox and the views that it presents.

Emotional Contexts

Top Keyword Trends

This section shows which keywords are gaining or losing steam.

Momentum is calculated based on intensity and volume detected.

Time Periods Covered

Period 0: Fri Jun 5 6:00 PM to Sat Jun 6 12:00 PM

Period 1: June 6 Sat 12:00 PM to June 6 Sat 6:00 PM

Related Locations

With this story originating in the US it was predictably going to see the most traction there. And also with it having the largest population in the west it has a huge audience of listeners.

But as discussed on the previous slide with the timing of these comments it gained international traction from its neighbours in Canada to across the pond in Ireland and the UK.