AI For Ads

by Vibhu Bhan

AI-Driven Engagement

The global digital ad spend is growing and expected to hit 560BB mark in 2024 alone.

Accurate use of demographic and social network provided targeting attributes is critical for digital engagement success.

How do you make sure your spend counts and reaches intended audience efficiently?

Are you picking the best possible options across qualitative fields E.g. interests?

With talkAItive, you find that edge, that alpha, that distinction from others. talkAItive helps identify these distinctive emotional contexts as part of processing your social media, internal and user generated content. Re-discover new content ideas to engage and re-engage your audience across social media.

Engage Using Your Customer’s Language

Extracting this data and the language used in review sites, across social media and forums allows us to create a sentiment tracker, processing the language on a scale of positive to negative. So rather than commissioning a polling company to speak to their data sets of maybe only a couple of 100 or even thousand contacts, Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows you to extract the sentiment and feelings over every customer that has reviewed your product online as well as your competitors.

NLP is able to process positive, negative, and neutral opinions, placing these reviews and thoughts on a scale to understand how individuals feel towards your product, your brand, and your company as a whole.

talkAItive allows us to understand why your consumers use the language they use and the feelings they have towards you. This enables you to write advertisements in your consumer’s language, making your ability to communicate with them resonate more strongly. Leading to a more powerful advert and in turn leading to higher engagement and therefore a higher return.

Expressions Are Sprinkled Across The Internet

Your customers are expressing rich product experience opinions across social media, forums, email mailboxes and call/chat transcripts. Getting 5-stars or combination of stars does not help you or your customers learn about product distinction or disappointment. This qualitative data needs cutting edge technology that talkAItive brings to the table. talkAItive is a product of our last 4 years of R&D in applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and NLP to find those hidden and valuable emotional contexts. Tap into the mindset and emotional contexts of your and your competitor’s consumers.

Using NLP to find positive comments allows you to understand which words your customers use when describing your products and your brand, allows you to understand which products are resonating and which ad campaigns are delivering a maximum return. This can allow you to maximise keywords and search terms when constructing advertisements on platforms such as Google or Facebook. Rather than using broad generic keywords (with associated higher costs), we can look at using the specific words used to describe your product by your customers. Understand what your competitors are doing well and apply these insights to create your own niche language.

Negative comments can aid you in identifying specific product flaws, a news story hurting your brand or an ad campaign's resonance over time. By using real-time NLP analytics this gives you the ability to alter a campaign in real-time, understand the reasons why people are reacting across product reviews, and identify root cause fixes to control widespread dissonance with product experience. Utilising negative comments associated with your competitors allows you to unlock new customer acquisition strategies, associated with talkAItive's social network recommendations create new angles of engagement with digital citizens.

Social Media is a great example of how people use quantitative data to define success i.e. the number of likes, shares or re-tweets indicates how well a post is doing.

Let's take for instance thousands of reviews, comments and images online across your products and brand, talkAItive finds the true feelings as expressed, unsolicited across the social media spectrum. You can expect to learn how users are reacting to the influencer you’re using, the individual product you’re showcasing, or the reaction to a news story connected to your company. Taking the influencer example, evaluate the similarity or contrast of emotional contexts and pick the one best aligned with brand values. talkAItive helps you weigh choices, a star influencer fetches high volume of engagement, or a micro-influencer with smaller following but a deeper emotional connection with your brand.

Companies continuously collect customer feedback across multiple inbound channels including call transcripts from your call center. talkAItive organizes all this internal chatter across categories E.g. customer service, benefits, and cost. We identify key pain points of your customers, what answers customers require which greatly improves FAQs or Product Guides. Our has the goal to help you build emotional context map across communities clustered by topics, products, features and other nuances detected in the chatter. These communities are people passionate of either brands or industry and make for loyal ambassadors online. Being able to understand what these members are saying is crucial in gaining positive brand awareness and projecting yourself forward as an industry leader.

Our Commitment

In the new normal, digital experience will rule and enabling technologies which utilize this data to guide digital customer experience is critical; leave the generic quantitative metrics of likes, shares and retweets, it is time for using AI to gain an advantage over your competitors.

talkAItive will help you understand your customers on a different level, give you the edge over competition, help you gain an advantage and springboard you as an industry leader in customer retention, brand awareness, and real engagement.

A wise person said about key to selling “Listen 80% of the time and speak 20%” talkAItive allows you to listen in a noisy digital world.