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Save Time

Keep up with evolving brand narrative. Get our daily or weekly alerts for topics of interest across your brand chatter.

Cover More Ground

Apply talkAItive to social media posts and comments, internal emails, collected reviews and online media.

Build Emotional Intelligence

Only talkAItive has the emotional context trends. You get language signals of emotion connected to your brand.

You Cover All Channels

Use talkAItive to search the internet for public data in forums, social media, online reviews - anywhere users are expressing opinions or sentiments.

We Analyze

You get a unique view of the sentiments surrounding online activities related to your brand. This adds a new dimension to your social listening by pairing a qualitative read of online activity.

You Compare Competition

You can see how people talk about you compared to your competitors. Now all the hot button topics and differentiators between you and your competitor brands become clear and you can now appeal to your customers on their terms to grow your brand.

You Continuously Learn

Monitor the sentiment and emotional feedback connected to your brand. You get emotional context trends which helps you see actual emotional topics which gain or lose steam over time.

You Search Emotionally

You can search using any keyword of interest and talkAItive allows for deep dives into collected chatter that can then be filtered by source, emotion or keywords. Used alongside a quantitative listening platform, you'll see your consumers online behaviours in ways never seen before.

You Engage

Craft highly resonant messaging using the sentiment, the emotional drivers, behind online comments related to your brand. You target communities of like-minded consumers who share similar interests and behaviors as your existing ones.

How it works

You define learning goals with a set short phrases and talkAItive's patent pending engine finds related emotional contexts

Sentiment Analysis

Classify emotion using deep learning stack detecting emotions. Predict sentiment via multi-model fuzzy stack.

Map Emotional Contexts

Build semantically related set of phrases using fine tuned deep graphs. Select top "candidate contexts" with max representational value.

Rank Emotional Contexts

Rank "candidate phrases" based on relevancy and emotional intensity scores.