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The only platform that helps you identify active buyers, during LIVE events. talkAItive unlocks new sales opportunities by engaging LIVE users with your or sponsored offers.

A major US furniture retailer utilized talkAItive to break down the sentiment and emotions attached to product categories, by state, across more than 1 million NPS and social chatter collected across all major networks. A variety of product and experience related Emotional Contexts were identified and ranked by sentiment intensity, including “Salesperson Knowledge”, “Delivery Team Knowledge”, “Insurance Product Relevancy”, and more. They prioritized delivery experience as their top “problem to solve”.

An apparel retailer utilized talkAItive to review their chatter across social media to better understand the top issues related at a brand level. talkAItive collected over 240,000 reviews and social chatter points to identify that their order management process was the most emotional issue in the last 6 months. They also found that "adventure travel" was the most emotionally positive activity attached to their brand which will be accentuated across their customer experience.

A city parks & recreation organization used talkAItive to pre-inform their public research. Their goal was to understand the most emotionally charged topics related to all the social chatter across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, various travel sites, and more. We helped them analyze over 30,000 reviews from the last 3 years related to the tourist attraction site. It helped them prioritize the topics of food options, beach experience, and amenities available at the site. We broke down each of them into the most emotional topic; for example for food options there were a lot of emotions attached to the lack of cuisine options, quality and freshness.

A major branding agency utilized talkAItive to assess the variation in emotions in 100,000 chatter points, related to over 15 different brands across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, review sites, and internally collected NPS reviews. Their goal was to build an infographic that illustrates the variety of Emotional Contexts (ex. stale bread, salty meal, fresh cheese) and rank the brands by sentiment intensity and emotional contexts.

Identify Prospect Buyers On Social

Track LIVE events like games or concerts and engage users during emotional moments related to star players, performers or teams.

Unlock Social Sales

You need an alternative to the invasive personal targeting, especially now that Google and Apple are tightening up their Privacy Frameworks.

Unlock new Sales Opportunies by converting your best fans, When they are most emotionally engaged during LIVE events, Where they are emotionally active right NOW.

Lower your digital marketing costs to acquire new users or build loyal following.

Track LIVE Events

Fans of LIVE events are not stuck in front of a TV. Track LIVE events and Emotionally Engaged users on Twitter and Reddit.

Identify Micro-Emotional Triggers

During LIVE events, from twitter and reddit emotional peaks related to Players, Teams or Brands are identified.

Activate Emotional Conversions

Activate unique engagment and conversion opportunities across your social channels.

Build Emotional Intelligence

Your own first party data with emotional user preferences and curate your most loyal brand ambassadors.

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Unique among its competition, talkAItive offers clients the combined ability to track social media and generate AI-driven intelligence from it. This intelligence can shine a spotlight into brand and product sentiment and supercharge business growth strategy.

talkAItive Patent

talkAItive (7204833 Canada Inc.), is a provider of advanced analytics related to any institutions transactional and qualitative data. talkAItive’s technology is used in products sold by the company and products and services sold and offered by its commercial partners.

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The following U.S. patents apply to talkAItive:

US Patent Numbers: US11030533B2. Patents pending: US20210201162A1, US20200184521A1.

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talkAItive's goal is to help you communicate stories about your brand, product or persona using emotional contexts recommended by your fans and critics across the internet.

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