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Baseline sentiment across campaigns and competitors

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Key Benefits

Building loyalty takes years of repeated moments of delight and satisfaction but a single moment can undo all that work.

talkAItive enriches all your data including emails and social media with sentiment and gives you instant snapshots of evolving emotional feedback related to your brand on demand.

Online chatter is not formal but full of slang and sarcasm. Afterall, it is an emotional reaction towards your brand.

talkAItive’s deep learning technology enables you to find the variation in sentiment, across products or internal KPI’s. Handling sarcasm and slang was the first problem we solved back in 2017.

Discover the world's biggest Voice of Customer pool

You now have the ability to refresh customer reaction related to specific product features, new releases and campaigns every day across all the social and published media channels. Just login and observe the trends. Customer reviews and feedback is at your fingertips.

Monitor Spikes In Sentiment

With your sentiment baseline, you can compare how your current campaign intensity relates to a previous time in history. You can test if content moved the needle on specific days or weeks or seasonal months of the year. Refreshing the view of how your brand sentiment distribution compares to your competition is part of your talkAItive experience.

Assess your brand sentiment VS your competitors.

Refresh and rank your brand VS your competitors with before and after analysis to value the emotional effect of a campaign. Monitor collateral damage to emotional brand response due to industry crisis events.

Categorize your chatter, your way!

talkAItive allows you to define these categories using natural language, as you understand and then uses these definitions to automatically build extended understanding of related contexts to your list. talkAItive connects contexts across all your channels to build an emotional context map for your brand.

Only talkAItive lets you rank yourself against competitors using sentiment analysis.

Only talkAItive gives you emotional contexts based on usage and not counting words.