Engage Sentimentally Active Audience

talkAItive powered Net Sentiment Score helps you ethically learn customer preferences, to supercharge your engagement across social and email audience

How It Works? What is Net Sentiment Score?

Net Sentiment Score (NSS)

    NSS is how talkAItive measures sentiment and emotions from customer chatter.
    This score is calculated from any text data like social comments, reviews, transcripts, emails and more.
    Using our home grown algorithms we measure sentiment and identify emotions taking sarcasm and slang into account.
    NSS score is the same as your Net Promoter Score i.e. Promoters - Detractors, just extracted from customer text data.

Simple To Get Started

talkAItive has been optimized to find sentimentally engaged users on social media.

Analysis Setup

    Start by picking a plan below and sign up
    Set your search terms under settings
    Pick personality/brand peaks you want to monetise

Refreshes Net Sentiment Score

    Refreshes Net Sentiment Score (NSS) daily
    Identify NSS trends for brands, influencers or category
    Get emerging sentiment email alerts related to entities or brands

Identify Sentiment Triggers

    Continuously identify sentiment peaks
    Identify audience behind sentiment peaks
    Identify peaks for brands, influencers or custom search terms

Engage and Convert Social Users

    Send surveys, polls or curated content on social
    Automatically trigger email campaigns
    Activate new followers through sentiment engagement

Try out our demo

Discover our Alerts for your favourite search terms from Social Media.

Analysis Setup

Setup your own search terms to work across Twitter and Reddit.

Track Entities

Track your own entities or discover natural emotinonally emerging entities E.g. People, Brands, Places and Organizations.

Track NSS

NSS or Net Sentiment Score is our score for overall sentimental intensity at brand, search term level and is refreshed several times daily for you.

Track Social Engagement

Showcases the volume trends realted to your search terms and identifies your most engaged users on Twitter.

Which Plan Suits Your Needs?

Our Alert plans are have been designed to track brand sentiments and emotoins related to instiutions/personalities without breaking the bank.

All plans come with a 5-day FREE trial.
* - not included in trial

Works well for teams who wish to track lightly and get notified of an sentiment peaks related to entities or brand.
Get daily LIVE alerts in your mailbox with Emerging Sentiments.
Sources: Twitter and Reddit
5x Tracked Brands/Hashtags/Terms
Works well for teams looking to learn and apply brand sentiments across specific products, features or brand.
Everything from Alerts, plus you get to import your own NPS reviews and get more search terms across specified sources.
Sources: Twitter and Reddit
10K NPS Reviews/month *
13x Tracked Brands/Hashtags/Terms
Dashboard and CSV data access
Scale customer feedback analysis and application through sales activation, higher volumes of chatter and fast sampling of emotions and sentiment.
$650 - 3500/month
LIVE Sales Activation
Sources: Twitter/Reddit/Social Reviews
Upto 100K NPS Reviews/month
21x Tracked Brands/Hashtags/Terms
Dashboard, API and CSV data access

Key Plan Features

NSS Tracking
Net Sentiment Score is calculated using sentiment and emotion measurements from social and collected NPS reviews, at brand and industry level.
Emerging Contexts
Tracking sentimental response related to your products, campaigns, features or policy, delivered to your mailbox and accessible in your browser for exploration.
Weekly Trends
CSV report delivered to your mailbox every Monday AM, includes "Net Sentiment Score", top sentiments contexts, sentiment, sentimental summaries from chatter collected through the week.
Sales Activation
Deliver the right coupon, at the right time, to positively engaged users on social web or partner app.
All plan inlcude support via Email. Enterprise plan include dedicated SLACK channel.
Secured payments
All payments are processed through Paypal secure API. All subscriptions are charged as a single annual payment.